In His Footsteps goes to Boston!

I had nearly given up on the film festival circuit. I’d submitted to some, but the wait is so long. So I just forgot about all of the submissions! I’ve been busy working on a new script, this time one that is NOT autobiographical – pure fiction – but still filled with food and travel. And then out of the blue I received an email from the Boston Film Festival telling me me In His Footsteps is an Official Selection! I read the message on my blackberry but didn’t quite believe it until I got home and could read it in full size on my laptop. My film’s first festival! Hooray!

But as everything associated with my film has two sides, the happy side (having accomplished it) and the sad side (the fact that it is about my journey since my son died), so too is Boston a mixed bag. My son and I used to live there. It is from there we moved to London. And Boston is the airport I flew into so many times to take the drive out to Amherst where he went to school at Hampshire College. It is hard to believe he will not be with me when I’m there. Or I guess I can say with a little bit of faith, that maybe he will be with me in spirit when my film, that he helped me make in so many ways, is screened.

I needed a traveling companion and Susana, my fellow road warrior and camera girl, can’t make the trip. So I did the only thing I could think of – I bought a new pair of shoes! Well, actually I bought two pairs – one last week when I was in Madrid visiting Susana, and one this morning. My new shoes will travel with me and help me through any dark moments. They will hang out with me while people are watching the film and be there with me for the red carpet and the Q&A session later. My new, beautiful shoes will make me smile.

About 3 years ago I was in Cannes for a music conference, the first one I attended after my son died. A guy we knew walked up to me and gave me a big hug. And then, oddly, he took me across the street to sit on a bench facing the sea and proceeded to give me a message from Shaka; he was channeling. I don’t know if I believe in any of that stuff, but one thing he said rang true. After he told me he “saw” a red pen and Shaka encouraging me to write, he told me that Shaka wanted me to go out and buy some new shoes! I guess it was his way of telling me to be happy. Last time he was in Cannes he bought a fabulous pair of Miu Miu boots and was over the moon about them. So, I chose to believe this message from beyond – it just might be true. Why not?

The Boston Film Festival begins on the 20th of September and In His Footsteps  screens at 2:15 pm on Saturday the 22nd. Tickets are available here.

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