In Development

Sweet Momentum has a micro-budget feature film in development, Putting Food on the Table, an urban opera seria which will be filmed in New York. The film will include original music, story songs, that will be released as stand-alone music videos and the collection of songs will also be released in an album. The company has plans for other documentaries and is actively involved in several music related projects that explore new business models and new concepts for entertainment.

How to Get Elected in America is being co-produce by Sweet Momentum: Mark Takano is a public school teacher, a Harvard graduate, and a Japanese-American whose parents were interned by the US government during the Second World War.  He’s also running in the 2012 election for Congress in California as the Democratic Party candidate.  And the political odds-makers predict that he’s going to win.

Epic, chaotic, and numerous – it is no surprise that American elections are for many somewhat confusing affairs.  How to Get Elected in America will be a documentary guide to this messy business of picking politicians.  As we follow the campaign for California’s 41st congressional district, we’ll learn how to motivate volunteers, craft messages, raise money and everything else in between.