Having decided to practice what I preach, to use the internet to its highest and best use, I’m sitting here waiting for Amazon to verify my company’s bank account so that I can launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the finishing of our first film. I went back and forth for a couple of weeks, researching the best platforms and techniques for crowd-funding and talking to the people who are helping finish the film. First I decided to put off any funding initiatives until the film was finished (but then how would I manage to finish it?). Some people said, it’s too close to Christmas and everyone will be too skint (read “broke” in American) to donate any money to this. My script doctor said that I’d be way too busy to manage all of the communication required to make the launch of the fundraising a success. I listened to both perspectives and did the opposite.

I’m a counter phobic. If something scares me I tend to run toward it rather than away from it. But this time I considered the arguments carefully. Christmas is a happy time for many people, but not all. This campaign about the film will not doubt cross the path of many people who are not happy at this time of the year, who have had some kind of a loss (through death, job, marriage or relationship) or who have unhappy memories of fighting families at Christmas or holidays. Holidays tend to trigger buried sadness. I reasoned that if I can post some clips from the footage of this film that show how it is possible to get through hard days then what better time than now? As for the concern that managing the communication required for this project at the same time as continuing to edit the film might be too much… well, I’m doing this film because of my need to be part of something bigger, part of a community. And starting to communicate with people now is what I need for the run up to the holidays. I hope we can all be generous and think about making a little difference in a lot of people’s lives.

And I will always be impatient. I’ve lost a lot, but not that. Why not do today and right this minute what could be put off? So, while I’m waiting for Amazon Payments (a welcome competitor to paypal) I’m writing to you!

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